Organizational Assessment Surveys

Leadership, culture, passion, and competitive advantage drive companies to achieve their vision. Are your employees passionately aligned with your strategic plan, especially if you’ve had to do stressful RIFs or acquisitions? Organizational Assessment Surveys assess the total work environment and evaluate internal organizational effectiveness. Surveys are an internal audit of an organization’s and its employees’ collective mood, which affects the ability to carry out both function and the mission. They build quality, excellence, and continuous improvement.

A survey will:

  1. Provide a mechanism for employees to offer input about workplace issues
  2. Allow management to get an accurate pulse of the organization
  3. Measure organizational progress and change
  4. Facilitate communication about organizational problems

You receive a broader context by which to evaluate your own organizational progress, which can help you gain buy-in to organizational change. We focus on complete, clear communication, gaining clarity and agreement around the survey results and committing to action.

Through a diverse set of standard and proprietary testing and assessment tools, we develop and implement the most effective program to meet your needs. We partner with you through the decisions, communications, and actions that will model your organizational values and help to sustain a purposeful culture and support change.

Vector HR is a confluence of experience and depth, and youth and enthusiasm. Our surveys act as a powerful tool to give you strategic and operational HR inputs, expertise, advice and assistance and a true image of your organization.

We conduct customized ‘opinion’ surveys like:

Compensation Surveys

Compensation packages make a powerful impact on an organization’s culture, people, and performance. As corporate goals and market conditions change, so must reward strategies. Our experienced compensation experts work with you to help you stay competitive.

Best Practices

HR practices followed in an organization have a deep impact on the climate within the organization and hence, the attraction of talent, and their performance and stability.

Vector HR conducts the surveys on the Best Practices in HR domain. Such survey aims at the latest trends, industry benchmarks and we further contribute by providing our insights and conceptual analysis.


Stakeholders Satisfaction

Vector HR conducts surveys to measure and assess the satisfaction levels of Clients, Employees, Employee Families, Investors etc. as satisfaction of key stakeholders has direct impact on the business. Such surveys bring immense value by bringing forth any ‘red’ areas that might be of concern for the satisfaction of the stakeholders .


These surveys may, if desired, be followed by:

  • Practical data analysis
  • Professional data presentation & interpretation
  • Benchmark comparisons where available
  • Report, conclusions, recommendations - practical professional advice