HR for Startups

Start-ups are challenged with product development, securing funding, and building an organization during the most challenging and competitive period in history. It can be difficult to hire, retain, and compensate your employees while ensuring that you are compliant with the myriad of business laws and at the same time focus on releases and budgets. We relieve you of the worrisome, time-consuming burden of HR, saving you money by preventing costly problems down the road. We proactively protect you from tomorrow’s nightmares: workers’ compensation claims, morale problems, incorrect payroll, and employee turnover.

Start-ups need the basics now, and also need to plan for the future. So, we offer:

  • Employee Benefits, payroll; insurance, and 401K
  • Policies & Procedures, documents, and handbooks
  • Job descriptions and performance appraisals
  • Compensation Consulting and bonus plans
  • Complete Outsourced HR function
  • Team Building, Executive Coaching, and Management Training