HR Audits

The purpose of a Human Resources Audit is to provide a professional and objective perspective on a company’s Human Resources efforts, identification of areas that need to be improved and recommendations for changes. We may also assist you in implementation of such changes. A Human Resources audit assesses the company’s level of effectiveness of the overall Human Resources function

Vector HR conducts a comprehensive human resource audit to identify and clarify needs in the human resource area and highlight non-compliance issues.

The audit focuses on qualitative benchmarks, which allows us to provide you with targeted recommendations to improve your human resource function and to reduce risk. Overall, the audit develops findings in key functional areas.

  • We analyse the current state
  • Learn the desired state
  • Create custom business plan
  • Design and develop the model
  • Guide / help in implementation to achieve the results

Design of Recruitment Tests

Vector HR has been in the process of designing recruitment tests for candidates seeking employment in IT companies.

These tests are based on logic, mathematical reasoning and algorithm.